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Auto Brewery Syndrome: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Diet

When you drink a lot, your body and brain functions slow down considerably. It is impossible to judge how drunk a person will be or feel based on alcohol consumption alone. Wine has a reputation for producing particularly nasty hangovers. It’s also why it’s so dangerous to drive after you have been drinking. If you […]

A Monster: Super Meth and Other Drugs Push Crisis Beyond Opioids The New York Times

It sedates certain areas of the brain that control judgment, self-control, and inhibitions. As such, this can lead to excitable behavior as a person loses their inhibitions. Alcohol roughly leaves the body at an average rate of 0.015 grams per 100 milliliters per hour. This translates to reducing a person’s BAC level by 0.015 per […]

Five Types of Alcoholics

It’s a chronic disease marked by an inability to control alcohol consumption. The effort was made to categorize different types of alcoholics, partly to dispel the myth that there is a typical alcoholic. Genetic, environmental, and psychological factors influence the risk of becoming an alcoholic. They drink less frequently than other alcoholics, but they tend […]