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Be inspired by this closet office idea and built a workspace into that unused space. This very cool cloffice space is actually built into a kitchen cupboard, that just looks like part of the cabinetry once the doors are closed. You’ve been working from the kitchen table (/sofa/bed on the very worst days) for long enough now, it’s time to create a miniature home office to call your own. Leave considerable space over your desk area (so you don’t hit your head every time you stand up) and put up some floating shelves to show off your precious items. Expanding your cloffice storage with drawers is a relatively simple process that works for every space.

office in closet

I used to teach reading and writing, but now I stay at home with my two kiddos and read and write in my spare time. I also love to undertake DIY projects, find new recipes on Pinterest, and dream about someday finally completing our home. Above all, I love to learn about new things and sharing my new-found knowledge with others. Absolutely, convert closet to office and the beauty is it can be it’s own small room, free from distraction when the door is shut and has the ability to store more items if needed. For a less permanent desk solution, try topping two file cabinets with a piece of MDF or plywood is a great solution. You can even buy a desk top on its own at Ikea for this very pursose.

Dream IKEA kitchen just in time for the Big Day

Groceries can be moved into kitchen cabinets, guests’ coats can be hung on a coat rack, and linens can be stacked in baskets on bathroom shelves. A great closet office saves space in your home and makes great use of a closet that might otherwise go unused or be filled with random junk. Here are 10 DIY closet office ideas that will help you use every inch in effective ways to maximize your workspace. Contemplating closet office ideas definitely doesn’t preclude the use of color. ‘In our project JB Mews, we created a compact office at the back of the property in a small closet room,’ says Tom Rutt, founder of TR Studio.

office in closet

Moving on to the opposite end of the room, Sander reimagined the layout. He removed the tall cabinets, opting for a configuration that included both base and upper cabinets, with a deliberate gap between them to accommodate a TV and more countertop space. He ingeniously repurposed the area designated for an oven to accommodate his printer. A small strip of trim concealed the heavy-duty shelf behind it and blended the shelf with the regular IKEA kitchen cabinet. I’m Elisa and I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and our two little girls.

DMV Office Locations and Reservations

A dedicated home office, even if it’s just a tiny nook, has been directly linked to productivity in several studies. DropDesk allows you to book coworking space, meeting rooms, or event custom space built specifically for your team. This takes the pressure off businesses, who have the freedom to expand or contract as needed without worrying about paying for space they don’t need. Here are some of our favorite organizational tips to help you keep your comfortable work nook in check. Add in things that mean something to you such as picture frames, or maybe even a vase of flowers. Sophie has been an interior stylist and journalist for over 20 years and has worked for many of the main interior magazines during that time, both in-house and as a freelancer.

You can put a desk in a closet – and it’s a great way to add the home working space you need when you can’t give up another room or take work into the yard with shed office ideas. ‘Clutter, particularly in a closet home office environment can be distracting, so give some thought to your storage needs,’ says Debbie Leigh, design manager at ILIV. Make your home office desk ideas a focal point with a metallic trim.