Statement of Activities: Guide to Reading This Key Nonprofit Report

statement of activities

The audience of an organization’s financial reporting includes funders, donors, boards of governors and regulators. These stakeholders are mainly interested in the relationship between a nonprofit organization’s program expenses and its supporting expenses. They want to see how an organization’s supporting costs relate to and drive its programs. Since it is similar to an income statement it has revenues, expenses and a change in net assets. You must also break out the statement of activities into restricted and unrestricted.

A donor could give a single donor that is to equally be split across 3 years. We consider that there is a time restriction on the funds allowing only 1/3 of the donation to become unrestricted in a given year. Reading a Statement of Activities can be helpful for understanding a nonprofit’s overall financial picture. This guide will explain what a Statement of Activities is and the key components in it. Your nonprofit Income Statement shows the year-over-year income and spending trends.

Nonprofit Cash Flow Statement

In that case the line should be clearly labeled to indicate that not all interest is reported here. The purpose of the change in net assets is to articulate the net assets or equity of the statement of financial position. However, information on any discretely presented component units may be presented as well. GASB has stated that both the positive and negative aspects of the government’s operations should be presented to inform the reader about whether the government is in better or worse financial condition than in the prior year.

This report shows your organization’s revenue and expenses over time, ultimately allowing your organization to analyze your net assets over time. One of the basic financial statements you’ll prepare for your clients looks at their revenue and expenses. If you work with nonprofit entities, the difference between these two accounts is the change in net assets. The financial statement may go by a few different names, but these accounts are always summarized on the . A company’s statement of activities is a record of transactions that happened over a period of time.

Resources for Your Growing Business

Ensuring your reports are in check will help your nonprofit make the most of your finances moving forward. Let’s dive in to learn more about the specifics of your nonprofit statement of activities. To read and understand a nonprofit financial report, you first need to familiarize yourself with the Statement of Activities. This report breaks down your revenue and expenses by restrictions on how or when you may use them. The Statement of Activities is a great way to see where changes can be made to increase revenue or decrease expenses.

  • Hear from young alumni who will share their Emory experiences and how Emory provided them with the necessary tools to be successful in their personal and professional lives.
  • Organizations share these statements to be entirely transparent with their donors.
  • This amount includes the costs of maintaining and operating the university’s physical plant.
  • It’s crucial that nonprofit organizations understand how to properly record functional expenses to ensure they’re acting in accordance with federal regulations.
  • Get our FREE guide to nonprofit financial reports, featuring illustrations, annotations, and insights to help you better understand your organization’s finances.

The letter from the independent auditor highlights their opinion that Save the Children is following all required financial laws. The auditors also make the statements interesting and target them to statement of activities Save the Children’s English donor base. Wellington Zoo also shares further details for each financial statement to explain who is reporting these facts and how they comply with accepted standards.

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