What You Need to Know About Spiritual Illness and Disease

It is a reality of my powerlessness and unmanageability and enables me to see why I so desperately need to seek a Power Greater than myself. And unless this malady is recognized, and a course of action (the Twelve Steps) is taken to enable God to remove it, the root of our alcoholic illness can lie dormant and burn us when we least expect it. Thankfully, the “spiritual malady” is no longer a “missing piece” of Step One for me.

It’s also important to remember that your understanding of a Higher Power can change and evolve over time. As you grow in your sobriety and learn more about yourself, you may find that your concept of a Higher Power changes as well. The most important thing is that you keep an open mind and heart as you continue on your sobriety journey. Even if you don’t believe in God right now, it’s important to keep an open mind. Things may change over time, and you never know when or how your beliefs might evolve.

Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-Step Program

The solution to spiritual malady offered by Alcoholics Anonymous is to affect a spiritual awakening – in essence a psychic shift or attitude adjustment. In The Big Book of AA, the 12 steps outlined are a formalized approach to achieving this transformational change. When these physical, mental, and spiritual components come together, an individual with alcohol use disorder will be rendered powerless to arrest a vicious cycle of obsessions, cravings, and alcohol abuse. Spiritual malady can trigger feelings of irritability, restlessness, and discontentedness. The overall sensation can feel like crawling out of your own skin.

  • It was one more thing that my disease used to separate me from other folks in the rooms of recovery, another way to feel unique.
  • To beat their addiction, people must face the reality that there is indeed a power larger than themselves.

I need booze to medicate my inner turmoil, tortured mind and my broken heart. From my own experience as an alcoholic, I came to believe that Bill was right when he declared that alcoholism is a spiritual illness. I survived thirteen years as a mostly dry and yet untreated alcoholic in AA. Spiritual malady, a condition that disrupts when the spiritual malady is overcome the balance of inner peace and calms one’s spiritual state, is caused by various factors. Our emotional, mental, or physical health, often impacted by familial, societal, or cultural factors, can contribute to this condition. Furthermore, the lack of mindful, self-reflective practices can also trigger this condition.

Addressing the Three-Fold Illness and Other Ways to Heal in Glenwood Springs

When the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous was written and published in 1939, the times and language of those times was incredibly different than modern times. This is one of the reasons that Big Book study groups have become so popular among https://g-markets.net/sober-living/top-10-best-sober-living-homes-in-boston-ma/ recovering alcoholics. Apart from dissecting the Big Book so as to have a firmer grasp on the 12 Steps and program and in general, it also is designed to help us decipher the intricate language and wording used from a different time period.

Drinking alcohol is found to provide relief, and turned to with increasing frequency. Though alcohol starts to have health consequences, cause problems with relationships, Why Do I Sneeze When I Drink Alcohol? and decrease productivity, the user is unwilling to give it up. Eventually, they lose executive control — they are compelled to drink and are unable to stop themselves.